Bringing the flavours
of Japan

Bento B is a Shokudō (食堂, Japanese Diner) with culinary experiences that are focused on integral flavours, people and conversations. Imbibing the idea of ichijū-sansai, Bento B is here to serve the city with unique delicacies like Ramen, Bento Boxes and Sushi. With the infinite power of Enso at the core, all it's elements thrive to create excellence, every single time.

More than just a
conventional Diner

A first of its kind Food Club and Restaurant in Ahmedabad, Bento B serves fresh, feel-good, and wholesome Japanese food. Bento B is not just your conventional restaurant. Aimed at creating a personalized experience, and fostering a community of Japanese cuisine enthusiasts, it is also a food club that is tailored to the needs of all Japanese and Asian food lovers.

- Amit Gupta, Founder, Bento B

Contact us

12:00PM - 10:30PM (All Days)
12:00PM - 10:30PM (All Days)
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For Ahmedabad write to us at: Call Ahmedabad Manager at 97270 02978 For Vadodara write to us at: Call Vadodara Manager at 75748 21077
Courtyard, ONE42
Billionaires Street, Off Ambli Rd,
Ashok Vatika, Ahmedabad -380054.
R2, Museum Square,
Alembic City, Gorwa,
Vadodara, Gujarat 390003.